Tips to Managing Email

When Operating an Online Business,
your inbox is the central location for your business contacts.   

If not careful your whole day can revolve around managing your email.   
Don’t Let it Happen!

Here are some practical guidelines to Effectively Managing Email.

1 If you want to receive less email, send less email
Don’t write an email unless absolutely necessary. Avoid chain letters.
2 Mark as Unread
Marking an email unread enables you to quickly glance through the inbox, respond
to desired items, delete the things that are irrelevant. It also essentially
serves as a to-do list of items to be addressed later.

3 Establish a Routine
Try to spend a set amount of time on email at the beginning of your work day. 
After that, check for new arrivals but don’t let each one be an emergency that
interrupts your work flow.

4 Be Precise with Your Words
Choose your wording carefully to avoid doubt and misunderstandings. Be precise upfront, and you’ll be less likely to generate confusion and follow-up questions.

5 Choose Your Recipients Wisely
You don’t have to copy the world. You don’t have to reply to all either. Five people in the To: line can generate five different responses when one was all you needed.

6 Use Quick Follow-Ups
Thanks, Got it, Makes sense, etc. lets the sender know you received the message and need no additional information. In other words, Don’t send me anything else.

7 Something’s are Best Done Off-Line
Sensitive subjects that are bound to generate disagreements are best left off-line.  Never go strong to the keyboard. Remember once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. Better to pick-up the phone or setup a private face to face.

If email plays an essential role in your business, Manage it Wisely!

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