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About Common Man’s Wealth

It has been said that “Fear is the Greatest Enemy of Faith“. I have carried this belief throughout most of my life. It was this belief that drove me to embark on a new career back in 1998 when I built my first web site.

Common Man's WealthHaving been trained as an artist and illustrator, my desire was to showcase my talents as an artist. However I eventually learned that “Nothing Be Made Least it be sold”. So eventually I found myself venturing into the world of online marketing. Fortunately I was not alone.

There were many like myself that saw the enormous opportunity the internet offered and began to allow me the opportunity to work with them on projects that ranged from artist to entrepreneurs, to small business and non-profits. I found that the new tool replaced things like printed brochures and the cost of mass mailing with mass production and instant contact.

As time passed I, like many others and maybe yourself became intrigued with the constant changes the market presented. It was at times a challenge, but it was exciting. And in the process profitable. But where there’s money, there’s the risk of loss. Consequently not everything worked. And not everyone was honest. So we had to find, sometime the hard way, who to trust and what would work.

So it seems that trust is the issue and work is the process. So I invite you to take advantage of my experience with a willingness to perform. You will find the tool and resources I recommend on Common Man’s Wealth are tested and proven. If you weight our approach on a scale of common sense you can justify the logic of the strategy for yourself. I’m not here to reinvent the wheel, I’m simply rolling it. And remember, success does leave a foot prints.

Where Am I Today?

At this point, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. An Open Source educational community dedicated to helping and learning. This world-wide network, founded in 2005 is a leader in Internet marketing and online business solutions. And I am proud to be a part of something that’s proven to work.

Give it at try and you will be pleasantly surprised. If you have question or need assistance leave me a comment below. I Look Forward to hearing from You!
Lloyd DeBerry . Common Man’s Wealth

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  1. Congrats on the new site launch!

    LOVE the silhouettes!

  2. Fear is definitely the greatest enemy of faith and a destiny robber. I like the simplicity of your site. Never heard of the Strangest Secret but will be checking it up.


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