Are You Promoting or Hurting Your Reputation?

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What You Publish Online Can Tarnish Your Reputation or It Can Work In Your Favor.

From negative comments on articles to cyber bullying on social media, those who post questionable or negative content often wonder why they cant find success. The outright disrespect to other people, brands, or groups has a negative effect on your reputation.

Use These Tips to Manage Your Reputation

1 Discover Your Current Reputation
Building a reputation is a long-term commitment that will develop over time.
First take a look at how people are talking about you and your brand. Search yourself, your website, your name and your business name. See who’s talking about you and what are they saying about you in blog communities and social media articles.

2 Plan a Strategy for Change
Take a look at your results. Were they positive or negative? For negative results, address these straight away. How can you turn them into positive results or eliminate them entirely? Use this information as a guide to creating an action plan that meets your audience’s needs and expectations.

For positive results, use this opportunity to thank them and even consider reciprocating with a positive mention. Look for opportunities to expand your audience by deepening their engagement and reach new audiences.

3 Find Where You’re Most Successful
Locate the Social media, websites, blogs, etc. – where is your audience most active? Where are you currently succeeding the most? These are areas that you’ll want to consider publishing more content. Use this information to create an Editorial Calendar for your platform that encompasses your articles, blogs, guest posts, and social media.

Planning helps minimize uncertainties, makes your goals and objectives clear, reduces stress, and gives you a competitive edge.

4 Develop Your Reputation
Make sure your identity is consistent. From your website to your Facebook page.
Check the Following:
● Name and branding
● Author photos
● Author profile and biography information
● Social platforms

5 Execute Your Plan
The best plan in useless unless you take action.
Begin publishing, advertising and marketing based on where you’ve found the most success. Promote it and be heard! Continue measuring and modifying your plan to allow growth for your audience and your reputation.
In all of your actions consider this, “If it doesn’t create value for you or your brand, Don’t Do It”.

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