What Are You Doing To Capture New Business?

Fine Art and Graphics Design

If you are not happy with your current results, maybe it is time for you to reconsider your website design. Fine Art and Graphics Design specializes in developing new websites and redesigning existing sites. Our goal is to provide affordable services to help our clients optimize their business. We’re confident… Read More

Small Business Web Design Essentials

Here Are a Few Tips to Achieve an Effective Small Business Web Design. Having Structured and Defined PathsIt is difficult to influence customers to buy without a proper outline to guide them into the buying process. A definite, well-structured path will make it easy. Including a flowchart, for instance, showcasing… Read More

Is Your Website Obsolete?

What Makes A Website Obsolete ● Disregarding the Importance of Mobile Access In the last 3 years desktop Internet usage has fallen from 90% to 60%, while mobile usage has increased to 40%.Following this trend, mobile devices are set to upstage desktop Internet access soon.  See Your Site on Desk… Read More

Tips to Write Powerful Calls to Action

  Marketers should always be asking themselves one question: What’s next? After all, you invest significant time and money into every marketing effort. But if you don’t include an effective call to action (CTA), you’ll have little to show for your work. CALL TO ACTION TIPS 1. Create A Logical… Read More

eMail Marketing Tips

Purpose of Email Marketing Content Inform- Let them know about your company and it’s background. Tell them about your products and compensation plan. Introduce them to your leaders! Educate- Create a “How To” article or video and send it out. Create value! You don’t have to be an expert. Just… Read More