4 Steps to A Strong Social Media Plan

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Social Media Marketing isn’t just for corporations or multinational companies.

It’s Also For Small Businesses.
As a small business owner, you’ve always been concerned with the marketing budget. You don’t have as much as those huge companies. But that’s the beauty of social media marketing, it doesn’t come with a big price tag.

To succeed you must build a strong marketing plan.
Without it, you’ll just be wasting your time and energy. As a busy business owner, you can’t afford that. Here are the 4 Steps You Should Follow to Formulate an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan.

1Establish Your Goals

Step One is to know what you want to accomplish. Marketing on social media gives you a wide range of goals.
✔ Do you want to expand your network?
✔ Do you want to build your brand?
✔ Do you want to increase engagement with social media users?
✔ Do you want to promote a specific campaign?
✔ Increased sales or generate leads for your business.

Remember to Focus on Only One at A Time

2Formulate Your Strategy
After Your Goal Has Been Established, it’s much easier to formulate strategies that would bring you closer to your goals.
For example, if your objective is to expand your social network to bring your brand closer to more potential customers, your first strategy would be to get more people to like or follow your page or account. You can do that by posting status updates and sharing content that would capture people’s attention and engage them in conversation.

3Choose Social Media Platforms
You must also choose the right social media platforms. It might be tempting to be on all the Social Media platforms at once. Don’t Do It. Don’t waste your time and energy. Only connect with those that matter. Those that will get you to your target market.
✔ If you’re connecting with professionals or business people, get an account with LinkedIn.
✔ If you want to target the younger generation, then Facebook and Twitter are your top choices.

4Monitor Your Progress
You Must Track Your Progress. This is one step that you can’t overlook. You need to know what posts are getting high engagement, which social networks are giving you positive results, and so on. This way, you can further improve your social media plan.

Social Media can work wonders for small business. Start taking advantage of it today.
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