Do You Need A Website, To Sell Your Book?

Fine Art and Graphics DesignMany writers intend to sell their books through personal appearances or in stores and don’t see the value of having a Website. But even if you don’t want to sell your books online, it’s important to have your own Website.

Journalists are using the Internet more and more for sources, and you want to be found if a reporter is doing a story related to the subject of your book.

  more important facts…

● You can provide more information about your book and yourself than what is on the back cover or in an online bookstore. Readers love to find out “inside information,” like why you came to write your story, and they like to read excerpts -which can lead to sales when they get hooked on the story and want to know what happens.

● You can use your Website to demonstrate your expertise and establish credibility. A blog or articles about something related to your book provide a valuable service to your visitors searching for information. When readers find the information you provide interesting and helpful they are more likely to buy your book.

● You can use your Website and an e-mail list created from site visitors to keep readers informed of your book signings, speaking engagements and other events. And you can promote your next book.

● You can sell books from your Website. Selling your own books on your own Website, like personal selling, will be more profitable than selling through other distribution channels.
Now Get Busy….

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  1. As more books are converted to e-books, I think more authors should grow their online presence because that is where the readers are. Reaching out to them can give authors valuable feedback on the quality of their work and who knows, maybe even some inspiration for a new project.

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