Don’t Let The IRS Declare Your Business a Hobby

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If You’re Not Making Money,
You Don’t Have A Business.
You Have A Hobby.

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If you show three consecutive years of loss, the IRS steps in and reclassifies your business as a hobby.

Our mission is to support Entrepreneurs and Small Business in delivering their Products or Services by removing the burden of technology and automating their business efforts.

In doing so we’ve noticed time and time again, one common mistake that separates failure from success. Trying to Use a Homepage as a Landing Page.

checkTreating your Homepage like a Landing or Sales Page can mean the difference between Profit or Loss, they are nothing alike.
They Are As Different as
A Business Is to A Hobby.

The Truth About Your Home Page
The Homepage is the entrance to your entire website. It’s an introduction to your product or service and acts as a seller of your brand. A great homepage is typically a broad, generic introduction to what you have to offer, rather than being narrowly focused to one particular topic or niche.

For most websites, the Homepage receives more direct and organic traffic than any other page of the website. So having a well designed Homepage is still very important.

The Big Misconception
Your Homepage is not a place to send targeted traffic, specific groups of people (from ads, email, etc.) with very specific interests. Don’t assume or hope Homepage visitors will locate and click the exact offer because the problem is, they won’t. Homepages have too many options.

Thus The Problem:
Because your ads and emails are being clicked by a variety of people, and your Homepage was likely designed to be appealing to a broad audience, your message isn’t specific enough. People aren’t connecting/engaging with the page to which they’ve been sent. You aren’t targeting a specific audience with a specific message.

The Solution: Landing Pages or Sales Pages
The most effective marketers craft a new Landing Page for every unique campaign, offer or promotion they utilize in their business — and so should you.

♦ Landing Pages are standalone web pages with limited navigation options designed to motivate viewers to respond to a single, clear conversion goal.
♦ Landing Pages remove clutter that could distract your prospect from taking the action you want them to take.
♦ The more specific, simple and streamlined the page is, the more likely the user will take the desired action.
♦ They introduce prospects to your offer, spark their interest, and convince them to convert.
♦ Simply put: Landing Pages are fundamentally essential to building a successful online business.

Now that you know why Landing Pages are so important, it’s time to Get your Own highly-valuable Landing Page to generate revenue for your business.

checkDon’t Let the IRS Classify Your Business as A Hobby.

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