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Email Marketing is about Getting the Right Message in front of the Right Person at the Right Time. These are real challenges that marketers like you face every day.

Here are a few email marketing tips, and tricks that we’ve identified that work every time.

Purpose of Email Marketing Content

1 Inform– Let them know about your company and it’s background. Tell them about your products and compensation plan. Introduce them to your leaders!

2 Educate– Create a “How To” article or video and send it out. Create value! You don’t have to be an expert. Just re-teach the things that you’re learning on a daily basis.

3 Inspire– If you’re successful, tell them your story. If you’re still on your way, tell them one of your leader’s stories. Inspire and motivate them!

4 Entertain– Send them and entertaining video, blog post, or article. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with your business. Send them a random funny video and then segue into a call to action somehow.

5 Promote– This could be discounts on your products, goods or services. Or Something for Free.

This Step-by-Step Training Guide will take you by hand and teach how to create high converting email marketing campaigns and promote new offers to your customers.

You can also set up a persuasive autoresponder series to grow your subscriber’s list.

It works today…
It will work tomorrow…
And even months and years later It’s Goanna Work!

Email Marketing 2.0 Made Easy
Fine Art and Graphics Design

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