Finding The Best Facebook and Email Subject Lines

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Email and Social Media are 2 of the best ways to engage and stay in contact with customers and prospects.

Unless you engage your prospects and update your customers with timely and informative information, Everybody Looses!

But It All Starts With The Subject Line.

Here’s Some of the BEST RESOURCES

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♦ 101 Best Subject Lines
What would you learn if you sent 125 million emails in a year?
Digital Marketer did just that and we’ve learned a thing or two about what works in the process. We’ve crunched the numbers and are giving you our 101 Best Subject Lines, plus a subject line trick guaranteed to increase your click through rate!

*Read Full Article: Digital Marketer

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♦ 5 Tools And Tips For Creating The Perfect Headline
The fact of the matter is that the majority of your followers across social media won’t actually be reading your post or blogs. Some will, of course, but the greater part of them won’t be. However, nearly all of them will be Reading Your Headlines – if only briefly as they scan through their news feeds. This means that your headlines are extremely important.
*Read the Full Article: Constant Contact

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♦ 7 Creative Headline Hacks – And How To Apply Them
Headlines make or break a post, an ebook or anything else they’re attached to. They’re especially critical on social media. Used properly, they can be magnets for search engine traffic. While a bad headline can kill a post, the upside is that a little time spent on improving headlines can be extremely rewarding.
*Read Full Article: Constant Contact

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♦ 10 Tips for Creating Effective Blog and Email Headlines
In today’s buying cycle, creating effective headlines is more important than ever before. In recent years, it has become no secret that the buyer’s journey occurs exceedingly online. Gone are the days of realizing a problem or need and picking up the phone and calling a sales professional.
*Read the Full Article: Imagine Blog

Work at Home For Busy Moms and Dads!
Essential Advice for Being Your Own Boss!

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