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A Niche Is A Distinct Segment Of A Market, In Other Words an “Audience”.   When selecting a Niche it should be something of interest to you. A passion, a hobby, a solution to a problem, a need or a want.

A Niche At Its Most Basic Form Is A Group Of People With A Common Interest.
When you decide on a particular Niche keep in mind that you are going to be marketing to that Niche.

By keeping the audience small does not mean that you are not going to have enough people to market, it simply means that you will be more focused on that particular segment of the market.

Example of A Niche.
In the case of Fine Art and Graphics Design, we’re marketing to people that want to start a successful online business. Starting an Online Business is a very broad market. So we break it down to a smaller segment, that of Web Design and Marketing. Targeting a Niche in this way is a very cost effective and low-risk way to grow my business.

 Some Common Rules For Niche Marketing 

1. Try to identify the needs or goals for that particular market.
If I’m going to be building an online business, I’m going to have to research how other successful online businesses satisfy needs while looking for unique elements to outpace the competition. (example: A better weight-loss formula)

2. Communicate With the New Market
Learn the language of your new Niche by getting an understanding of the “buzz words” of the consumers you wish to attract. If you have an existing business you may have to make changes to the overall structure of your company. As a web designer I had to make changes to my company when we decided to take on graphic clients. (logo’s book covers and info graphics)

3. Test The Market
After we have established a Niche and researched the market enough to effectively communicate the needs our product will satisfy, we want to test the approach. This is done by analyzing how the competition conducts business services such as advertising and delivery. Look at web designs and social media campaigns. Then finally determine how to position yourself to take advantage of this information.

Things to Remember When Selecting Your Niche

Select a Niche that excites you and that you are willing to research and write about. You will be writing articles and reviews about your Niche. You will be problem-solving and promoting products within your Niche. The more you enjoy it the less like work it will seem and the more fun you have the better job you will do.
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