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When you think mobile do you automatically think you need a mobile app?
If so, stop it. Stop narrowing your strategy to creating an app and Start Using Responsive Designs to Power Your Business.

According to a Google Report, 90% of online users utilize multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time. This means that an individual could start reading your content on their Android, continue on a tablet, and finish on a laptop.

Responsive Design is a web design approach that provides an optimal viewing experience from mobile phones, to tablets, to desktop computer monitors. Not only does Responsive Design allow visitors to have a better experience through every touch point to your website, but it makes mobile optimization easier on your end as the marketer.

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To put it simply, Responsive Design takes a website and automatically repackages content to fit the device viewing it. So whether you are looking at a computer, tablet, or cell phone, you will have the same viewing experience.

In addition to a better user experience, Responsive Design provides 3 Additional Marketing Benefits.

1. Responsive Design Results in Higher Sales. Having a responsive design is actually practical for your business. According to a Google report, 67% of users are more likely to purchase a product or service from a mobile-friendly site.

2. Responsive Design is Easier to Maintain Than Apps.
Even though responsive design looks different on your tablet, mobile device, and desktop devices, it is actually just one device that conforms to the size of the screen. This means you only have to update one version of your website, and it will still be easy to use across all of your devices.

3. Responsive Design Improves SEO.
It is essential to optimize your webpages for keywords you are trying to rank for. By having one responsive website, you will only have to optimize your content once as your pages will automatically update across devices. If you had a desktop and separate mobile version of your site, you’d have two URLs with two sites to optimize. Responsive design consolidates your efforts into one, which also prevents you from publishing duplicate content!

Having a Responsive Design makes all of these elements come to life. (Get Your Free Mobile Quote)

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