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Name: Google Sniper (Formally iPower Web)
Website: Google Sniper
Price: 5 Day Trial-$1.00, Lifetime-$47.00

Owner: George Brown
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Google Sniper, Product Overview
With The Google Sniper Program, you’ll be creating what’s described as Sniper Websites.
These sites are named to match exact keywords which gradually make these domains gain authority in their respective niches. A clever idea for any internet marketer.

The main website design tool is WordPress. Many of my readers a familiar with the WordPress CMS (content management system), as it’s one of the most popular design formats on the web.
Google Sniper use’s some of the best WordPress plug-ins to help you get fast ranking on the first page of the Google search engine. Combined with its techniques for finding the most profitable keywords and thereafter getting them ranked ahead of all the competition, Google Sniper does have some plus marks as a valuable tutorial.

 The Good & The Bad 

The Good:
g Good for all levels, beginner to expert.
g Great educational tool
g Price is reasonable
g Clear and easy to follow directions.

The Bad:
g You might need some design skills not included with the program.
g Continued education can cost a little more.
g The course must be followed exactly.

Who is Google Sniper For?
Google Sniper is excellent for the affiliate marketer at any level. The same mind-set needed to succeed with any marketing program will allow you to succeed with this program.

Google Sniper Tools & Training

gGetting Started
Features a general introduction of the program.
gGoogle Sniper 2.0
The Google Sniper e-book, user manual and 25 training videos.
gFurther Training
Additional videos and training to maximize the results obtained from the Google Sniper method.
gThe Empire Module
How-to instructions for blog installation, article writing, back-linking, site building and outsourcing.
In this section you will discover some additional resources that can help you make some extra money on internet.
gSniper X
Weekly updated Q&A webinars conducted with the program developer, “George Brown”. Includes the latest strategies and techniques.

Google Sniper Support
A major feature of the program is you can get any of your marketing related questions answered right here. The support offered with the product is good in that as the community grows more solutions are presented.

My Final Opinion
The Google Sniper program employs all of the online business techniques with the twist of naming a site with a popular keyword from a selected niche. Then adding back-links to increase Google ranking. This like any legitimate online program will take time, patience and education.

Google Sniper at a Glance…
Name: Google Sniper
Website: Click Here!
Owner: George Brown
Price: 5 Day Trial-$1.00, Lifetime-$47.00 (60 day money back guarantee)
Overall Rank: Very High (Lives up to most expectations)

If you have questions or need assistance leave me a comment below.
I Look Forward to hearing from You!

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  2. Great review. I read some reviews within the Warrior Forum but I was still undecided. I have been doing Wealthy Affiliate for about 2 months now so it’s too bad I didn’t see this prior. Nonetheless, thank you for creating this review and I look forward to more honest reviews!

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