How Branding Can Kill Your Business

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In today’s market we’re fed all kinds of ideas about what we should be doing in our businesses. Some of these ideas are good and some are not. Some will make your money and some will take it.
One of the worst and most dangerous of these ideas is the idea of branding yourself first.

Everyone talks about making a name for themselves and why you’ve got to stand for something special and unique and how powerful and important this is to your success. This is stupid and to follow this advice at the beginning of your business will kill it. You Need to Focus on Sales.

This is like the person with the idea of starting a business to sell exotic jewelry and then goes about spending thousands of dollars to create an image around it. They create cute cases for the jewelry. They get special embroidered bags and expensive business cards with the name of their business and all that type of stuff and for what? They do it because it makes them feel like they’re doing something. It builds the dream that one day they will flourish and succeed. Maybe they will, but they forgot something. Does anyone want their fancy exotic stuff?

Ask them how they plan to sell their jewelry and they’ll show you all the stuff they’ve created, but they won’t have a plan or system to sell it. They’ve spent time, energy, and in most cases a lot of money to create an image around something they don’t even know is sound in their market. First things first in business – see if people want what you’ve got. Get to selling it.

Online your business will flourish far faster if you get to getting results – traffic, leads, recruits, and duplication – far faster than if you play in the imaginary realm of branding yourself as something special. In fact you’d fair far better in results if you just copied what others were doing effectively. (Not blindly though – you’ve got to know the numbers behind what they’re doing or else this could be another huge mistake.)

If people want leads – find a way to give them that. If people want recruits – find a way to give them that. If your prospects want systems -find a way to give them that.

ONLY after you’ve done that right and you’re making sales and your business is growing do you go about creating a personal claim to fame.

You need to get to getting results first and not branding.
At the end of the day if you’re hungry and want a burger and I’m the only person that’s got one – Who you gonna buy it from?

Find the prospect that wants what you’ve got. Get it to them and then . . .

Leave the cute stuff till later. There’s a place for creating a personal brand in your business, but that place doesn’t come before the first sale.

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