How Checking Your Stats Can Pay Off

Fine Art and GraphicsAs much as some would like to, we cannot do away with social media as an integral part of running an online business.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Constant Contact, The Knot, etc have all caught on to the usefulness of their platforms in business and offer low-cost ads we’ve all seen.

If you haven’t caught on as to why placing ads are so popular with social media, allow me to tell you that it’s not the price, it’s the metrics.

It’s getting harder and harder for small businesses to trust that their advertisements on TV, a bus, or a billboard is the point of contact with their customer. For the most part, big businesses such as Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, and Kraft have the budget to place major ads to bring in revenue but the likes of those who really need to know where every penny came from in order to keep dollars coming in, we need measured marketing that shows us our “target” (target and market put together). Social media does that for us.

If you have a business page or have placed an ad for your business,
these sites show you the following:

● Traffic to your page by time and day
● How many and where your customers are located within the United States.
● How many customer are located overseas
● What type of posts your target is most attracted to
● How customers found your site
● What posts are shared and how many times it’s been shared
● What part of your market found your page based on paid advertisement
● What part of your market found your page based on non-paid advertisement (i.e. shares, searches, tags, etc)
● If they’ve opened your email advertisement
● How long they read your email advertisement
● How many times they read your email advertisement

Not only will social media platforms provide your metrics for you but also they have taken the “word of mouth” method to nano-speed with visible buttons to easily share your business. Social media ads are so good for business that major corporations have also jumped on the bandwagon.

Wouldn’t you rather see how, who, and what attracted your customers rather than guessing if a non-measured ad is actually working?

The next time you logon, check out how to setup your ads to see where your client base is. It’s priceless information for a small price.

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