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Direct Visitors to Your Sales Page.
The idea here is to insert more of the following:

1. Opt-in forms on your website.

2. Calls to action to visit your Sales Page.

In short, you want to give your visitors more opportunities to join your list. Because if people leave your site without joining your list (or buying something), there’s a good chance they’ll forget about you.

So how do you put more of these opt-in opportunities on your site?

Like this:
• Insert a call to action at the end or even within your blog articles. Ideally, the lead magnet you’re offering should be closely related to the particular article the visitor is reading. In other words, create multiple lead magnets so that you can embed targeted lead magnet offers within your content.

• Embed opt-in forms in your blog sidebar. Be sure to let visitors know the top benefits they’ll receive if they claim your lead magnet and join your newsletter.

• Place calls to action in multi-media. If you distribute podcasts and video content on your website, don’t forget to include calls to action within this content (along with a link or opt-in form next to the multi-media so that people can take immediate action).

• Test a LightBox Popup. Most of us aren’t thrilled when we see popups on a website, especially if it obstructs our access to the content. However, a well-placed exit popup with an enticing offer can certainly get more people scrambling to join your list. The best way to find out if it works for you is by testing it.

Here Are 3 Examples
This offer grew our customer base by 15% last year while adding value for current clients.
It is still one of our best offers and the format will work for any product or service.

1 Use a Statement to Highlight Your Product or Service:

               Click Here for Free Home Page

2 Use A Button For a Call to Action

3 Use an Image that Represents Your Brand or Service

Think About How You Could Use A Call-to-Action or Opt-In
to Increase Your Market Share

These offers have increased our client base and generated additional sales.
Offers like this could do the same for your business.

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