How to Talk to A Designer

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Graphic design is the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, and images.

The mind is an important graphic design tool and the method of presentation demands proper communication.

Having Problems Talking With Your Designer?
Take a look at these Communication Tips.. Do’s and Don’ts

● Don’t ask for a logo and want an illustration.
● Don’t ask for a book cover and want an illustration.
● Don’t reinvent the wheel, Roll With It.
● Don’t try to change an industry and think you will be successful at it.
● Look at what the experts have done and duplicate the process.
● Know The Industry Standards. The Human Mind is accustomed to looking for certain designs to represent certain things.

You wouldn’t go to a Ford Dealership looking for GMC.

What You Say and What is Heard:

What You Say: What I want to see is…..
What’s Heard: You want to put my hands on your brain.

What You Say: We are Almost There!
What’s Heard: Forget all that crap I said before and let’s start over from here.

What You Say: The More I look at it…
What’s Heard: Please forgive me for calling your work shoddy, but….

What You Say: We’ve Decided…
What’s Heard: You can’t make a decision on your own.

What You Say: I want More of….
What’s Heard: So we can just forget the contract.

And My All Time Favorite: I just want it to be Right…
Get the Point!

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Fine Art and Graphics Design

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