How to Target a Small Niche for Fast Money

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Operating within a big popular niche is a great way to ensure you have a high potential to make money and that you can keep growing without running out of content or new visitors.

But this is only one approach and it’s actually quite difficult. Instead then, you might want to consider making content aimed at a small niche – and as we will see, there are lots of ways that this can lead to rapid success and lots of money!

1Examples of ‘Small Niches’
An example of a small niche is anything that is very specialized or that doesn’t have a broad appeal. This might mean creating a fan site for example that focuses on a ‘cult’ film. Alternatively, it might mean looking at a fringe activity or a lesser-known hobby. Either way, you now have a small dedicated audience to create content for but you won’t have as much option to grow.

2Benefits of Small Niches
The great thing about a small niche is that you can very quickly become an authority on your subject. Let’s say you create a website on cryptozoology (unproven animal sightings). This is a topic small enough that those who are very passionate will be actively seeking out more content. If you come along and promise to deliver X amount of content every week, then those people will be likely to subscribe as soon as they hear of you. This runs contrary to niches like fitness where people are more inclined to think ‘not another fitness site!’.
What’s more, smaller niches give you direct access to that audience, especially if there’s a strong community.

3Growing Your Audience
To overcome the potential limitations of a small niche there are also more things you can do. One is to try and introduce your niche to more people. For instance, you might find that your articles on cryptozoology are sometimes interesting to those who are fans of regular zoology. Likewise, it might be interesting to people who like ghosts, forteana and the supernatural in general.
You can even try and grow the interest in your niche and spearhead a fad or trend. This way your site becomes not just a resource but also an ambassador for your passion and movement!

And if you’re really savvy, you can pick a small niche that is already on the way up. To Find out how..

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