Is Your Website Obsolete?

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Having An Outdated Website Can Leave A Negative Impression On Your Visitors.

This reduces your overall traffic, and lowers the interest and credibility of your Brand.

Here Are Some Pitfalls To Avoid.

What Makes A Website Obsolete

● Disregarding the Importance of Mobile Access
In the last 3 years desktop Internet usage has fallen from 90% to 60%, while mobile usage has increased to 40%.Following this trend, mobile devices are set to upstage desktop Internet access soon.  
See Your Site on Desk Top and Mobile

● Flashing or Blinking
Bling and Blink is So Dead. Stop It! These antiquated effects load slow if at all. Banners that flash or blink are distracting from the content and annoy your visitors. Bling is so 90’s. As 90’s as those background images that scream MySpace.

● Background Sounds
How many times have you opened a site at work to get a Hip Hop tune blasting out of our cubicle?
Don’t get me wrong. I always keep some Tupac in arms reach. But I don’t force it on my visitors.
I have personally been wrote-up on the job site for this. And I can’t recall ever returning to that site..

● Standard Colors
Using the default colors for your links is a dead giveaway. Make the links on your site match the rest of the site. Look at the colors other top sites are using and mimic success.

● Standard Typefaces
No longer are you stuck with Arial, Helvetica, Verdana and the other “Microsoft word/web safe” typefaces. Brands like @fontface and Google Web Fonts has made it easy to integrate custom typefaces in your websites. It is my opinion that appearance does matter.

● Not Checking The Load Time
Cut your load. People will not wait. Nothing is Worst! No matter how good your message is, if it takes more than 10 seconds to load, you are using visitors.  Click Here to Load Test Your Site for FREE!

● Logos and Images With a White Background
This Shouldn’t Happen! This is one of the quickest ways to look dated and unprofessional. This is where the background is a certain color, and the logo has just been haphazardly pasted on the background? Sloppy Design.

Web Design is always in a state of progression. As a designer it’s my job to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. If your website has any of the qualities shown above, You Might Want To Consider Redesigning It or At Least Upgrading It.

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