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What Exactly Is An Online Presence?

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● An Online Presence is the sum of the Online Identities you’ve created both personal and business.
● An Online Presence should be designed to spread brand awareness and gain you followers, leads and customers.
● This process combines web design, blogging, search engine optimization, marketing, social media and other avenues to create a long-term positive presence for a person, organization, or product in search engines and on the web in general.

Tips to Enhance Your Online Presence

● Embrace The Trends
Rather than change direction in your Niche when you see a shift toward social media or mobile marketing, embrace it! Create synergy between them and avoid abandoning one or the other. Use structured data, content marketing, conversion optimization, and even weblog analysis to keep up with the trends and combine forces in your strategy.

● Think BIG
It’s easy to get so focused on the trees that you forget the forest. It’s time to stop thinking small about the same old strategies that you have been using. Look at the big picture – see the forest – and avoid sticking to the small details. Consider the next step in making your platform bigger: how can you create original content that’s better than ever and how can you maintain your efforts at a higher level? Before you hesitate, give yourself a chance to do amazing things by pushing yourself to exceed your own expectations.

● Showcase Your Talent
It’s crucial to have a blog or press room on your website as it provides a source for updated content. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and look at your site: Is there a healthy dose of fresh content each week or is it all clumped together in bursts? If your audience sees that you have nothing new to add this week, then they’re unlikely to return.

● Get Help
If you feel overwhelmed, lost or confused when plotting your Online Strategy, Reach Out! Get Help.
As they say, “two heads are always better than one!” You may be very knowledgeable in your Niche, but imagine if there were 2 of you! Establish quality relationships with others in your Niche – ask questions and learn new strategies to grow.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help, whether it be from another expert or paying for tools and services that can make your organization thrive.   We can Help You!   Get the Help and Education You Need to Maintain Your Online Presence Today.

If you have questions or need assistance leave me a comment below.
I Look Forward to hearing from You!

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  1. Think big is right! Most people can’t expand and stay within their comfort zones which will only limit them. Great post and thanks for sharing!

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