In a memoriam, I dedicate this station to those who are fortunate to care for their loves in their time of need. My story is similar, to those who put their lives on hold to be the sole provider for their elderly parents. I am a substitute teacher, which gives me the unique opportunity to have summers off. It was in the summer of 2017, I eagerly traveled over 800 miles to care for my mother. This ritual proceeded me for three years going back to Omaha on summer vacation to care for mother. I cherished and look forward to our walks, having our first cup of coffee on the balcony, and her constant voice of wisdom endowed by scriptures greeted me night and day. Unfortunately, this summer my mother’s health began to fall at a rapid rate. Unbeknownst, to my siblings and me my mother received a diagnosis of stomach cancer and it had spread quickly to all of her organs. Sadly, many people would echo the sentiments, my mother lived a rich full life of 94 years and in some way or somehow I should find consolation in those words. Selfishly, this only angered me as I wanted my mother to live for 194 years. In many ways, my mother was my compass, my center, my world, and in her I found my purpose, I was so richly blessed, when she took her last breath in my arms, ( which was Design by God, Which Art In Heaven). On the day of her burial a beam of light shown through the clouds welcoming the greatest gift ever given by God, my mother. My hope and purpose renewed through promises and assuredness of God’s unchanging hand. As you listen and enjoy www. internet radio feels inspired by your renewed since purpose to cherish and love those who need you the most.