The Niche Authority Checklist:  Download this File and Refer Back to It


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Looking to Find The Perfect Niche to Enter and Conquer With Your New Blog or Website?

This Checklist will walk you through how to find the perfect groove to create content and provide a useful resource you can check against as you test the market.

Why it Matters
Your niche impacts your web design, your content, your monetization options and even the demographics you’ll be dealing with!

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Start With Self Interests
Pick a blog topic you find interesting – this way you’ll be able to ensure that it’s fun to update it every day. You’ll be less likely to get bored and your copy will really pop.
Pick a subject you know lots about – this will mean you have more information to provide and accurate content.
Which doesn’t have to be traditional – note that your ‘interest’ doesn’t have to be a ‘traditional’ niche or subject. It could just as easily be a sports team or a favorite book that you write about.
Or learn something new! – You can also learn something new and turn that into the content for your blog. This way, you write not only about the subject itself but also your experience learning it. Note: You can always be in more than one niche at once. Try using pseudonyms.

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How to Create a New Niche
To create a new niche, you can take two topics and combine them into one. For instance:
• Fitness and entrepreneurialism
• Blogging and writing
• Technology and the ‘maker’ movement
You can also create new niches ala ‘The Art of Manliness’ by taking a connecting theme and using this to combine a whole range of different topics.

How to Survive in an Over Saturated Niche
• To survive in an overcrowded area, focus on one specific demographic with your topic.
• Or one very specific area within your niche.
• Or you can find a specific route to market that only you are tapping into.

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How to Research a Topic
Once you’ve chosen your topic and you’ve started producing content, you’ll want to begin researching it. To do this:
• Subscribe to some RSS Feeds of relevant blogs
• Subscribe to a magazine on the subject
• Rent out some books and read around the topic
• Look at press releases and journal studies for breaking news
• Learn to ask the right questions and follow the thread to come up with something new!

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Profiting From Your Niche
To make money from a blog, you need to ensure the niche you’re researching is profitable.
To do this, consider the following

1. Clickability
Does your niche have lots of relevant ads that people will click? Look at other blogs in your niche and see if they are doing well with AdSense and other networks.

2. Affiliate Digital Products
Look to see if there are lots of affiliate products available for your niche. You can do this by checking WSO (Warrior Special Offers), ClickBank or other affiliate networks.

3. Tangibles
If not, perhaps you can make money as an affiliate selling physical products. A good way to do this would be with an Amazon Partner Account. This way you can sell books, toys, gadgets and more.

4. Your Own Products
Finally, ask yourself whether there are products you can sell yourself. This means looking at whether the niche is overcrowded and whether there’s space for something new. Is there a specific problem you could solve with an eBook?

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Testing Your Niche
Before you jump in, there are some things you can do to test the niche first.
• Try selling a PLR product to see if people are willing to buy in that area.
• Try creating a Landing Page to get people to sign up for a mailing list or even pre-order an upcoming product.
• Look at the other players in that niche and see how they’re performing.

Bottom Line
The bottom line is to recognize that your niche is intricately connected to your business model, the design of your site and even your day-to-day activities. Make sure you research this thoroughly and make sure you have a real plan for how you’re going to profit from the niche before you go ahead. Get this right and you’ll make life MUCH easier for yourself.

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