Paid 2 Refer Review

Name: Paid2Refer
Website: Click Here!
Price: Free
Owner: Nick Lalakos
Overall Rank: 25 out of 100

Paid2Refer, Product Overview
Paid2Refer Advertising Media is a online advertising company.
With’s money making system you can easily earn money by sharing referral links to your friends, family and other people through websites, blogs, forums, social media, Facebook wall, Facebook pages, groups, twitter, chat rooms and other media.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:
1. This is a simple way to earn money by sharing a link. No technical or marketing skill is needed.
– Just send your referral link and you will start earning when other users click your link.

2. Easy to Signup. Register for a free account and get your referral link.

3. Average Pay:
Share your link with your friends and earn 0.5$ per unique visit
Get paid at the end of each month (min $30)
Receive a pre-loaded electronic gift card by e-mail and easily cash it out through PayPal, Payza, Cheque, bank transfer, Money Gram, etc.

The Bad:

1. The site requires you to meet a minimum of $30 for a payout. No problem. Each time you log into the site you will see your earnings. And the earnings grow rather fast.
When the minimum is reached the company will alert you and ask you to prove you are human.
(Like my dog has been posting these links on all of my Social Media and friends pages)

2. To verify you are human in this case is where the problem starts.
You will be required to subscribe to a list of offers from surveys to online magazine subscriptions.
This is about a 10 page list that consumes more time than it did to make the money.

If you are able to weed through the verification list all you get in return is a lot of spam and no payment.

Common Man's WealthWho is Paid2Refer Review For?
Beginners to Expert.
Paid2Refer Review Tools & Training
Paid2Refer Review Support

My Final Opinion of Paid2Refer
As of the writing of this review I find no one has ever been paid from this company. While the process is simple and the task are easy to complete, I find it to be a total waste of time.
Additionally, you will be recommending a product to associates and friends that you can not stand behind.

Paid2Refer at a Glance…
Website: Click Here
Owner: Nick Lalakos
Price: Free to Join
Overall Rank: 25 out of 100
Common Man's Wealth VERDICT: NOT LEGIT

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  1. I tried this crap months ago! Very much a scam.

  2. Good Evening Sir, is fake website my earning is 40$ but not contact & verified button is not working & i try to contect but captcha code is incorrect so plz see this problem.

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