Pop-Up Tutorial

The Most Successful Marketing Tool Ever. The Pop-Up  Get One Now!
They’re Loud. They’re In Your Face.
They’re Aggressive. BUT THEY SELL!

The Pop-Up

The Pop-Up is a small web browser window that brings something of value to the viewer’s attention.
The Pop-Up requires a visitor to take action, either positive or negative Right Now!
The Pop-Up Is Truly The Bread and Butter of Modern Internet Marketing.

The Main Types of Pop-Up

1 Entry Registration Pop-Up (Loads When You Enter The Page)
Best used to highlight urgency, a limited-time offer, which justifies your interruption of a possible visitors arrival to your page. This is something they understand needs to be seen right now. (A promotion that ends soon) 
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2 Click Download Pop-Up (Download eBook, Report, Music, etc.)
Instead of using a banner image at the bottom of our articles the pop-up has doubled our lead generation. ( Can be used in conjunction with a banner.  
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3 Exit Pop-Up (Triggers when the visitors attempts to exit the page)
In case the reader missed your offer or lost their attention span, The Exit Pop-Up brings them back into focus as they attempt to leave your offer. Excellent for highlighting Pricing and Value.   See Details

4 Subscription Pop-Up
(Timed to open after reader has viewed some content)

The Subscription Pop-Up is designed to appear only after readers have invested a solid amount of time and energy into your content, meaning your subscribers are actually interested in your subject matter. They are interested in your product or service.  
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Triggering The Pop-Up
The Pop-Up works so well because of its simplicity and flexibility. You can trigger an event on almost anything. A button, a link, a banner ad or keypress.
And all you have to do is sit back and let automation do its thing.

See The Process a Work, Click Here!

With Seriously Impressive Results, Pop-Ups Are One Of The most used ONLINE Marketing Tools IN EXSISTANCE…

Get Your’s Today
♦ We create images and content to match your brand.
♦ Then Upload Your Content and Add the Pop-Up to your Website.
♦ Your Pop-Up is connected to a landing page to download your offer.
♦ Plus your subscribers receive a Thank You eMail with a download link.
♦ And you automatically receive an eMail notification with the name and eMail address of the subscriber.

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