Social Media Marketing Blue Print

Individuals. Non-Profits. Entrepreneurs. Small Business
Fine Art and Graphics Design
Social Media Marketing Isn’t Just
For Large Corporations.

Any Online Business can market their niche or brand for free with Social Media.

Follow the steps below to build a Strong Social Media Marketing Plan.

Without It, You’ll Just Be Wasting Your
Time And Energy.

1 Establish Your Goals
With the wide variety of Social Media Platforms available, there is an almost endless number of ways increased sales and profits for your business.
● Expand your network
● Build your brand
● Increase engagement
● Promote a specific campaign

2 Choose Your Social Media Platforms
While there is a wide variety of Social Media Platforms available, you only want to concentrate on those that best connect you with your desired market. Anything else can be a waste of time and energy.
For example, if your Niche is business, you might want to connect with users on LinkedIn and not MySpace. Also, keep in mind some platforms like Facebook have a wide variety of readers.

3Formulate a Strategy
Now that you know what you want to achieve, it’s easy to connect with people on that level.
● Write Facebook Status
● Post to Google+
● Tweet about your Brand or Niche

4Monitor Your Social Media Progress
Social Media is like anything you do online. You need to monitor your progress.
Treat your online business just as you would an offline business. Monitor your progress to see what efforts are working and cut back or change those that are now working.
Focus your attention on the most profitable elements of your Social Media Campaigns.

There’s a lot of things that Social Media
can do for your Online Business.
Start Taking Advantage Of This Unique Tool Today!


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