The Advantages of E-Books

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Why The E-Book?

Publishing your book in electronic format, also known as the e-book will give you more sales and more readers.

Many authors don’t see the need to publish their books in electronic formats because they don’t really understand the advantages of e-books:

Advantages of The E-Book

1The costs of Production and Distribution is small compared to the return. When you create an electronic file, you can offer it for download over and over again with no printing, shipping, warehousing, or distribution cost.

2E-books can be read on numerous devices, not just at the computer. Sites like eBookMall and Fictionwise have information on reading devices such as PDAs, Nook and iPad.

Check Them Out.
You will want to format for the more common devices because readers usually have a favorite device.
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is an excellent reference source.

E-books Cost Less so customers can buy more books. The lower price of e-books actually encourages readers to try new authors and publishers. Many readers actually buy the paperback after reading the e-book.

The E-book is An Ideal Solution for readers who are looking for something to read RIGHT NOW.   Many order an e-book online instead of making a trip to the bookstore of waiting for delivery of the paperback.

The Market For Your e-Book Is Wide Open.  E-book stores will carry your book and it’s fairly simple to deliver e-books on your own Website.

Fine Art and Graphics DesignIf you want to get noticed in the digital age, waiting for someone to choose you is the worst strategy.
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