I, Lloyd M. DeBerry

Lloyd is a Successful Determined Individual.
Lloyd has wealth that he uses wisely.
He lives in a place that is conducive to the work and dreams that propel his destiny.
A place that allows him to display his God-given talents to the world.
A location that he feels totally secure.

Health and Fitness.
Lloyd has been blessed with good health and will continue to build his mental and physical fitness.

Lloyd’s Attitude:
I am a very self-confident person. My thoughts are of a positive nature. I fear no man but God.
Lloyd walks and behaves himself with an air of pride but respect for others. His nature is of giving.

Lloyd is a Business Person.
He handles his Business Activities in a Prompt and Professional Manner.
I plan and successfully execute all business activities for the continual advancement of my goals.
I do this to remain free from worries.

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