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Marketing Yourself Is Just Another Way Of Promoting Your Business. As Such It’s All About The 4 P’s
1. Plan – Proper planning prevents poor performance.
2. Place – Content needs to be placed where it will get the most exposure.
3. Produce – Brainstorm, create/write, revise, proofread, and publish high-quality content.
4. Promote – Get the word out!

Many Experts forget about that last P (Promote).
Whether you’re publishing, posting on social media or generating posts for your blog, you need to give your content that extra boost in order to maximize the return you’ll get from the time you invested. Amplify your brand with these tips!

Top Marketing Methods 2017

1. Social Media
For new articles, videos, ebooks, and more, post the link to your social media accounts with a juicy snippet of the content. Use hashtags to help your audience find you, but don’t overdo it or it will look like keyword stuffing. Ensure your approach is entirely reader-benefit oriented to your target market rather than being overtly promotional. These are social platforms, so be social! We’ve recommended it before, but it merits a repeat: find out where your audience is on the major social media platforms so you don’t end up wasting your time posting to an empty room. Top Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

2. Email
If you’ve been accumulating a list of email subscribers (because you do have an opt-in email signup box on your website, right?), then you can create a monthly or quarterly recap email of recently published articles, videos, and more. Include a short tantalizing summary of what the piece of content is about and then provide a link.

3. Newsletters
When someone buys from you, that’s only the beginning of the potential purchases that lie ahead, as long as you keep nurturing the relationship along. Email marketing newsletters can do that, nonchalantly keeping you top of mind until it’s time for another—or different—purchase.

A portion of your audience is on Twitter. Some will check in on your Facebook page. Still, others will want your info delivered to their inbox because email newsletters remains their first choice for communications from you. Use it!

4. Blog
When you publish fresh, relevant and informative content on a regular basis to your blog, you are also allowing your followers (i.e. your potential customers) the chance to get to know you. Your personality shines brightly, along with your expertise.
And once again, you can also recap content monthly or quarterly on your blog! Additionally, link to relevant articles, videos, and other content within your blog posts to increase reader engagement.

Give Your Promotional Strategy A Boost Using These Methods
And In Return You’ll Amplify Your Authority.

This Report will Give You Some Ideas….

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