Top Marketing Trends for 2016

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2016 and Beyond

The emphasis on content creation has interesting implications for the coming year.

On One Hand, curated content initiatives could extend the lifespan of short-lived content while reaching a larger audience.

On The Other Hand, with social media platforms serving as content gatekeepers, branded content might not make their cut.

Let’s Look at Some Key Factors Shaping the Digital Landscape for 2016

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♦ 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016
Keeping up online means more than implementing what’s already being done, it means staying ahead of the curve as well.
Keeping tabs on emerging trends is the best way to keep your marketing campaigns successful, and your brand in the race.
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♦ How Digital Content Creation Could Change Your Marketing Strategy
Moments, Live Stories, and Channels, Oh My! Twitter has Moments. Snapchat has Live Stories. Now Instagram has jumped into the digital content creation fray by testing a new, heavily curated, 24-hour video channel.
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♦ 4 Key Trends Digital Marketers Should Look Out For
Digital marketing has emerged as a key enabler in today’s data-driven world, and it is rapidly transforming the traditional ways of conducting business. Strong human insights are an essential component of digital marketing.
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♦ Top 10 Visual Commerce Trends for 2016
While digital marketers are still guided by technology and innovation, consumer shopping behaviors have changed. The consumer of today has 24/7 access to beautiful images and great content on more channels than ever, from social sites and mobile apps to brand and influence blogs.
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♦ Know Your Customer Better by Knowing Yourself Better
“Know your customer better” is a topic often made to sound like rocket science. Several billion words have been written online about how to specify your real customer. All these words are not wrong, because customer knowledge is very, very important to digital entrepreneurs.
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