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Everywhere you look on the internet, and every day in your inbox, you will find Marketers and ‘Gurus’ offering you the latest ‘sure-fire’ way to make sack loads of money for doing very little – or even nothing! 

But before you reach for your credit card yet again just take a moment and ask yourself this: Do you realistically think that you could set up any ‘normal’ business and make it successful just by buying a $99 e-book and then sitting back while the money floods in?  I Think Not!
You’ll go broke if you follow this path.

So Why Do You Think It’s Possible To Do Business Online?

Because we all know that millionaires are made overnight on the INTERNET, Right?

We are in the business of making money online. And I’ve got to tell you, It’s just as hard to make a living online as it is offline, or anywhere else. In fact, it can be even harder because the internet waters are full of sharks, impostors and wann-a-bees. And they all want only one thing: YOUR MONEY!

Basically you have to look at your online business in exactly the same way as any offline business. For either to succeed you need to concentrate on the fundamentals.

The 6 Steps To Online Success

You have to WANT it, and want it enough to see it through, come what may. There will be many pitfalls and disappointments along the way, so you need to be able to overcome them and carry on regardless.

You have to be a SPONGE for knowledge, to soak up everything you can about your chosen niche. You have to be the expert in your field, the go-to guy who solves the problem.

Knowledge is power, but only if you APPLY that knowledge. Make it work for you and use it to further your business and make more money. Use your knowledge also to empower your target market, give them something they can’t get anywhere else, then you’ll have a happy customer who’ll keep coming back.

No matter how many ‘Gurus’ tell you otherwise, it is NOT going to happen overnight. You have to stick with it and stay focused. Whatever you do, don’t start thinking, “This is too hard, I’ll try something else”. You have to KEEP GOING on your chosen track. By just doing this one thing you will have out-lasted 95% of all the other ‘online entrepreneurs’ out there.

Folks, someone has to tell you this: You have to get out of bed in the morning, start up your computer and GO TO WORK! You need the discipline to do this EVERY DAY. Do NOT believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Okay, you don’t have to give up your day job in the beginning, but if you want to make the big bucks you have to put in the time and effort. And once you’re making good bucks you CAN give up your J-O-B! How good will that make you feel?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you go out there and ‘shaft’ everyone while you’re clawing your way to the top. But you need to be ruthless in weeding out those daily non-important tasks and concentrate on the things that make you MONEY! You have to be ruthless and unsubscribe from the hundreds of time-wasting emails you’re going to get from other ‘Gurus’ recommending their ‘buddy’s’ latest system/course/e-books for making money while sitting on your butt with your feet up.

Never forget that business is business wherever you conduct it and the rules are the same. You will find that all the self-made millionaires out there, online and offline, have bucket-loads of every one of the above attributes. If you’re very lucky, you might find one of these successful businessmen/women to share his/her knowledge with you and set you on the right road from the start.

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